April 8, 2011

Monthly Goals

I have one main goal this month: get into a good exercise routine.


The idea has slowly been building over the last few months, but I've just had a difficult time really committing to it. I have been watching Brett and noticing how all his hard work and conscientious eating habits have been paying off. I can tell his self esteem has been greatly improving with each pound and inch that he's lost, and I want that for myself.


I've been really into The Biggest Loser this season and seeing the progress each contestant has made is amazing. I've realized that if I want anything to change about my body, I have to not only get out and do something about it, I have to completely change my mindset. I can't keep wishing that my arms were more toned or that my butt wasn't so flat and flabby. I have to work for those things.

No more excuses. I'm just going to do it.

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