April 9, 2011

Someone/Something I'm Proud Of...

There isn't much I can say I'm proud of, especially something that is purely of my own doing, but I have to say that I am proud of my cooking abilities. I can follow a recipe easily enough, I'm resourceful when I need to be, and it's very rare that something I make doesn't turn out how it's supposed to. (I know Brett is probably chuckling at this because of a certain mac 'n cheese dish that didn't turn out a few nights ago. Luckily it wasn't my fault... The recipe was just gross.) I'm grateful for a mom that was a great cook and a great example in the kitchen (among other things, but that's another story). She helped me appreciate the value of a home-cooked meal and spending dinner time as a family.

My first attempt at making cinnamon rolls from scratch, pre-frosting. I'm so proud of the way they turned out!


I also want to give a little shout-out to my my brother, Dave. Just this week, he completed Basic Training for the US Air Force. I'm so proud of him for the decision he made to join the Air National Guard. I know it wasn't an easy one.
Congratulations, Davie! You made it through!

3 Happy Thoughts:

Erin said...

Wow your cinnamon rolls are beautiful. I would like to try some of your cooking. Any chance you want to come to Iowa?

Anonymous said...

The cinnamon rolls are making my mouth water. Yummmmmy!

denverallens said...

the "Aurora Stake" comment was from me, Jeni. I forgot to change out the emails before I commented!