April 10, 2011

A Past Relationship...or two...or eleven.

I didn't have many relationships before Brett came along. Because of the way I was brought up, relationships in high school seemed silly and pointless. Once I went off to college, I dated quite a bit, but things never got very serious with anyone. It was probably due in part to a special relationship I had with a missionary...or two...or eleven. Let me explain...

I had lots of "guy friends" in high school and college. As the time came for them to serve LDS missions, I felt very strongly about being a very faithful writer to each of them. It got to the point where I was writing to 11 different elders, none of whom was I thinking of "waiting for." I admired these guys so much for the service they were doing, and I knew it couldn't be easy for them, so I wrote to them in hopes that it would give them something to look forward to. It was these guys that helped set the example for the type of man I wanted to marry someday. That's probably why a lot of my other dating experiences never amounted to much - I wasn't seeing the same qualities in the guys I was dating that these missionaries had. When Brett came along, I did find those great qualities I admired so much, and that's how I knew he was "the one."

Brett Missionary

It's pretty ironic that the first pictures Brett ever gave me of himself were photos of when he was a missionary. Go figure!

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