May 10, 2011

Dirty Floors

I try to clean my floors regularly, but lately it has felt like they just won't get clean. I thought it was me, or my steam cleaner not pulling its weight, but then I realized something about my floors that I have never wanted to comes to term with before now: The linoleum/vinyl will always look dirty that no matter how hard I try to clean it. How awful is that?!

Here is my proof:

The area inside the square is a newer "patch" than the rest of the floors. Can you see how it's a little bit lighter than the area not in the square? The rest of the floor is dingier and more yellow, thus making it look dirtier. I promise I'm not going crazy! If you ever come into my home, just know that I really do try to clean the floors. :-)


So frustrating!

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Erin said...

We had a very similar pattern growing up. My mom used to complain of the same thing.