May 9, 2011

Date Night

Have you ever heard of a "Pub Crawl?" Apparently, a bunch of people get together in teams and go from bar to bar gathering information/items as part of a scavenger hunt. One of my husband's coworkers, Bud (short for "Budweiser"), organized one and asked Brett and I if we would be the judges at the end location. Knowing that we are LDS and don't drink, Bud thought we would be good candidates for the "sober judges." For this event, there were 15+ teams, each with about 6 people per team, and they went from location to location in the Annapolis area. All Brett and I had to do was show up at the end meeting place, look over the teams' papers/items to see who came the closest to completing all the tasks, and we were done! It was awesome! We didn't even really have to be around all the drunk people. Ha ha! Bud even treated us to dinner for our willingness to help him out. I think it was the easiest free meal I've ever scored. Ha!

Please excuse my dorky expression.

I think Brett's friend, James, was glad to see us. He was the "designated driver" for one of the teams and was sooooo ready to be done with the event. He was a good sport, though, red cape and all.


After we were done judging and eating, Brett and I decided to go find me a Mother's Day gift - shoes. The shoe I was wearing had broken just as I had gotten out of the car at the pub crawl, so I was hobbling around on a bad shoe.


I really wanted some TOMS, but the only retailer of them in the area didn't have the ones I wanted, so we opted to hold off on the shoes and take in a movie instead.

Hooray for date nights!

2 Happy Thoughts:

Paige Hanna said...

That sounds like a fun night! I love random, unique dates! I also love seeing movies, but getting Johnny to go to one is like pulling teeth sometimes.

Erin said...

They do "bar crawls" here all the time. A bunch of crazy people in matching tshirts running around. It reminded me of EFY but I was totally wrong. I don't think they have any goals here except for getting really drunk though!
As for Paige's comment, pulling teeth isn't so bad...if you know what you are doing. Just have to get him nice and numb first. :)