June 8, 2011

Goals - Six months later


It's been six months since my initial "goal setting" for the year.  It was quite the list.  Some things I've stuck with better than others, but for the most part, I'm happy where I'm at.  

Some of the more important things for me to strive for were being proactive about my health and taking care of my home.  So far, my home is still the organized place that I made it back in January, and my health is improving significantly.  I have been more conscious of what I eat, I've been exercising more often, I'm trying to get my hair to grow back, and I've even lost a few pounds.  I just feel so much better all around.  All of the progress I'm making has really made me want to stick to it.  

My other goals like "be more girlie" and "take more photos" are going well, too.  I can't remember the last time I DIDN'T wear makeup, and I had a lot of fun in February with trying to do something new every day.  I didn't document it, but I actually succeeded in using a different eye shadow/liner/look every day of that month.  As far as the photos go, I do take a lot of photos, but they always seem to be with my phone as opposed to my big-girl camera.  Oh well.  A photo's a photo, I guess!  I've been really good about backing up my photos, too.  That was another big goal I had.

Now for the bad news.  I've been slacking in my scripture-reading, and I totally gave up on the child care goal (which I'm still totally okay with).  You would think that because I enjoy reading so much, I should have no problems with reading my scriptures.   I really need to make it a priority.  Here's to continuing that goal!

1 Happy Thoughts:

Ivy said...

oh goals.... sounds like you are doing all right!
I had many goals too... I'm on the slighter side of compliance but they are still goals.