June 10, 2011

Summer Cooking


Now that the weather has been warming up considerably, the grill and slow-cooker have become my new best friends.  I hate the idea of using my oven, and standing over a hot stove isn't very appealing either.  It also seems that my kitchen stays a lot cleaner when I can avoid the stove/oven altogether.  A cool house AND a clean kitchen?  Definitely can't have too much of that!  

I know we all could use new recipe ideas now and again, so here are some recipes that I've made lately that are super yummy and haven't required heating up the house to make them.
  • "Copy-cat" Rumbi chicken and rice bowls - loved this so much.  If you have a hard time finding the "Mr. Yoshida's sauce" the recipe calls for, I found mine at Costco.  I love the sauce itself, so it was worth it for me to buy it in bulk.
  • Fajitas - So yummy!  These are definitely going into our regular line-up.
  • Red Beans & Rice - Super easy, super delicious, and it makes a ton.
  • Chicken Cesar Croissants - rotisserie chicken, cesar dressing, Parmesan cheese, and romaine lettuce on a croissant.  Easy as that!
  • French Dip Sandwiches - we topped them off with a little "champagne cheddar" from Costco and they were awesome.  A definite do-again.
  • Pizza on the grill.  Yes, you read that right.  I just use a regular pizza dough recipe, roll it out to the desired size, put it on the grill sans toppings for a few minutes or until the dough is firm, flip it, then put toppings on and let it cook until done!  So, so, so good.
That's probably a good list for now.  I'm thinking I may have to do separate posts for some other meals we've been enjoying.  

Happy Summer Cooking!

3 Happy Thoughts:

Melissa said...

I'm gonna try that Rumbi chicken and rice bowl...and I <3 pizza on the grill with feta cheese yummy...so many good ideas :)

Gleasons said...

Our family LOVES those French Dip Sandwiches!! :) Then again we are HUGE fans of "Our Best Bites" all together!!

Honestly Good Food said...

That's a really beautiful photo! I love the colors!