December 12, 2014

My Grandma...

(image courtesy of her still-existing Facebook page)

I've been thinking a lot about my grandma lately.  She passed away in July and her passing has been on my mind constantly.  It's weird to think about the days surrounding her death and the little miracles that had occurred.  The biggest miracle for me was that I was actually in Utah for an extended period of time and was able to be there not just for the funeral, but to have been able to spend time with her even beforehand.  She passed away on a Sunday, and just three days before that, my mom, my brother, and I went to visit her for lunch in her little retirement community.  Her health had be deteriorating over the last year or so, but there were no signs that she was going to pass any time soon.

At lunch on that Thursday afternoon, we chatted and ate.  She asked me about my hair as she always did, and I was excited to tell her about a new treatment that has been found to practically cure Alopecia.  I told her that it was still in the experimental phase, but that I was going to see my dermatologist the next morning to find out more.  We chatted about other things and enjoyed our time together.  I remember as I sat across from her, I looked up from my plate to find her just looking at me and smiling.  It was a very content smile, one that told me she was glad I was there.  I'm grateful to have that as my last memory of her.  That next morning, she fell in her little apartment and had to be taken to the hospital.  Her health quickly took a turn for the worse and her body decided her time on this earth was over.

There were other little miracles that happened within those three days she was in the hospital, but that last day I had with her will be something I will always remember. Every time I wear a piece of her jewelry, or see something that reminds me of her, I can't help but smile and think of all the fun memories I have of her.  She always made me feel special, but then, I think she had that affect on everyone.

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