March 31, 2009

"Oh, Edward" or rather, "Totally Random Post #1"*

I must be honest... I love these books. I have read them several times each, and I will most likely read them again. I can't resist a juicy fantasy novel, 'cause lets face it, that's what they are. They sucked me right in (no pun intended) and I couldn't put them down. Bella was a bit of a drag through the whole series, but teenagers usually are over-dramatic, so I guess it just came with the territory. I'm definitely a member of "Team Edward," but I find it funny when people talk about him like he's a real person. Men are threatened by him. Women find mortal men mediocre when compared to him. What's the deal?! I must have missed something in the several times I've read these books where it actually refers to there being some sort of reality in all of it.

I am deeply entertained my other people's obsessions, though. This girl's site makes for a fun distraction from the mundane diaper-changing and Disney Channel-watching that takes up most of my days. I really hope she is able to rescue "Pocket Edward."

But to those of you who still swoon when Edward saves Bella's life for the __nth time (like me), I say these words: "Give your main man a squeeze and appreciate the fact that he is real and that he can keep you warm at night." Emphasis on "real."

* '#1' in title implies that there will be other random posts in the future. Just a heads-up.

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Michelle said...

We all need a good fantasy relief from time to time. Meyer stuck a chord in Edward, it kinda snuck up on me...I didn't even like the books at first, but they got better with each one and then the movie with the Patt. Well that sealed the deal. It's all in good fun...and yes...hug those real "Edwards" lol.