July 28, 2009

"Things I Must Do..." Revisited

A few months ago, I posted about things I wanted to accomplish once I returned to Colorado. Let's take a look-see to find out if I'm as ambitious as I hoped to be, shall we?

1) "Plant herbs." Nope, didn't happen this year. With all the traveling that has happened this summer, it didn't seem realistic. They would have died a week after planting 'cause no one would have been here to water them. I'm really bummed about it. I love cooking with fresh herbs. Maybe next year...

2) "Find a delicious sheet cake recipe and make it." Done! I actually did it this last weekend. I was feeling motivated, and jumped at the chance. Oh, it was soooo delicious! It's been two days and it's pretty much gone. Luckily, I did have help. Thank goodness, 'cause there's almost a whole pound of butter in that thing! (This is the recipe.)

What's left of it...

3) "Make a pot roast for Sunday dinner." Yep, did that one too. It was super yummy, also. I made it a couple weeks ago when my brother was here for a visit. I'm definitely going to be making it again as soon as Brett is in the mood for it.

4) "Refinish table." Nope, hasn't happened. I'm a little intimidated by such a project. It would be a lot of work. One of these days maybe I will muster up enough courage to tackle the beast. If any of you have ever done a project like this, any advice you could offer would be much appreciated!

It is in desperate need of some help.

5) "Make a table runner." Nope, haven't done that either. I did buy some place mats in the mean time. They were $1 each at IKEA. (Love that place.) They're definitely not a permanent solution, however. Especially considering I chose white. (What was I thinking?!) My decor isn't anything close to what I would want it to be, so I have a hard time decorating small things when I want the bigger things to change (i.e. just about everything I own furniture-wise). It's a bit daunting.

6) "Wean Eli." Still hasn't happened, but we're making progress. He's started to drink other forms of liquid, luckily. Now, it's just a matter of making him realize that I'm no longer one of those sources. He'll be 1 year in just a month, so I can officially put him on cow's milk the rest of his days. "One more month!" is what I have to keep telling myself.

There have been other projects that I have accomplished, luckily. They make me feel a little less of slacker. Here's what I've done:

- Created a better place for my spices. Now they're all out where I can find them easily, and they look fairly nice, too.

Much better than the lazy susan I had them on in the cupboard.

- I also organized the garage.

- Got a sandbox put together for Brady. (That just consisted of buying sand bags from Home Depot, but it took some motivation to go get them. That counts as a project completed, doesn't it?)

I've got other projects I'd love to start, but we'll see. I lack the ambition at this point in time.

1 Happy Thoughts:

Alice said...

At least you are making progress! Being gone as much as you were is not easy! Good job so far!

I need to make a list like this of my own! I have all these mini projects that I keep putting off. I'll even post it on my blog so I can have some accountability! Thanks for inspiring me!