October 11, 2010

I love storms.

Fact: Taking photos of lightning is addicting.

It's always a fight to see if I can get a better shot, especially when it's so difficult to really get a good one. For me - a novice when it comes to photography - it takes probably 1 in 30 shots where I am actually able to capture a flash of lightning.

Most of the time, I don't even have my camera pointed in the right direction. That's when I tell myself, "Keep going. You're bound to get a good one!" And I end up standing outside until the storm passes, or my husband drags me inside, or it starts raining. (Hopefully I'm smart enough to know when I'm putting myself in danger, as well, eh?)

It's not just the photography aspect, though. I just love watching nature, in general. I've finally convinced my 4-year-old that lightning and thunder are things to marvel at and not be afraid of.

He will be very disappointed that he slept through tonight's storm, but hopefully the pictures I took will make him happy!

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Erin said...

Wow very cool! I took a photography class and still don't know anything about it. Seems like you are making good progress

Birdie said...

Those are amazing shots! I've never tried to capture lightning on film, I'm way to much of a chicken but wow. I'm feeling inspired :D

Paige Hanna said...

these are soooo cool! how long did you have to set your shutter speed? the exposure is perfect!