October 8, 2010

My Mantra

Lately, I've found myself looking at the talents and abilities of other people and I am just in awe. Sometimes I think to myself, "I'd never be able to do that!" In an effort to not get down on myself, my mantra lately has been:

"I do have talents, but just like anyone else, I have to learn what they are and use them. They might not be exactly like anyone else's, but I do have potential."

2 Happy Thoughts:

Uptown Girl said...

that is a wonderful new mantra. I will be copying it.
I have a feeling that your talents and abilities are apparent to everyone but you - that is how it usually works!

Heidi said...

Yes! Absolutely! I have something similar that use - and I try to catch myself when I find I'm comparing others' work to my own. Just remember that although you admire other artists' work, you have to admire your own as well. No one can do/see/present things the way you can. Keep plugging away!