January 13, 2011

Organization Day 11 - Freezer

I am officially caught up with all of the organization days, and am now halfway through the entire challenge! It has felt good to get these tasks done, especially since a lot of them aren't things that I would normally think to do on a regular basis. Today's task was the freezer. It took me all of 10 minutes to complete, if that. It's a small freezer to begin with, but then throw in the fact that it's time to go grocery shopping - it makes for a very empty freezer.


I mainly just had to throw stuff out. There were a few freezer-burnt items, unidentified objects, and a few gross things that no one was ever going to eat again. That made for an easy job today! And who knew that I had so much butter in the freezer? I think I inadvertently buy butter thinking, "You can never have enough!"

1 Happy Thoughts:

Tristen said...

Way to go! You are doing so good! I didn't know all this would make me feel so great! Makes me feel good about my house and what I accomplish. Keep it up girl...you inspired me!