January 10, 2011

Organization Day 7 & 8 - Pantry and Coat Closet

Yes, I realize I have yet to post "Day 6." That's the day that should have been "dresser drawers," but I took the weekend off, so I'm a little behind. I just happened to get the "days 7 & 8," - pantry AND coat closet - done today because they are now one and the same. I killed two birds with one stone. Yay for me!

messy pantry

baker's rack before
This is an old picture of where the new location of the pantry is going to be. I forgot to take a "before" picture today, but it basically looks the same.

complete coat closet
The pantry is gone, and I finally have a coat closet! I had been meaning to do this for a while, so it worked out that the pantry and coat closet "days" were right after each other. It's so nice to have a place to put my purse and diaper bag, not to mention a place to hang everyone's coats. Normally they just littered the floor of the family room. It's also nice to have more shelf space. See that big binder at the top? That's everything I have to do for my Family Child Care certification. Let's just say that it's a tad bit overwhelming.

complete pantry
The new "pantry." This will be a more convenient location than the hall closet was. I never realized how many condiments I had. They take up an entire shelf!

baker's rack
The new resting place for the hutch. This will be more convenient, also. I needed more storage space for my pots.

broom closet
Another closet that I organized. There wasn't a before picture because I forgot. There really wasn't much change, though. I just moved a couple of things from this shelf and put them in the coat closet.

Here's hoping I can get caught up on my other organization tasks tomorrow!

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Tristen said...

Awesome job! You have been one busy momma! Go you!