July 5, 2010

Eclipse thoughts.

I had the chance to see Eclipse today all by myself. I had never been to a movie alone until today. It was really nice! I think I'm going to have to do it more often.

These are my thoughts on the much-anticipated (for me) film:

- I really liked the movie!

- Robert Pattinson was FINALLY the Edward that I have wanted him to be. Thank goodness! I was beginning to lose hope!

- I guess in the huge budget the movie had, they still didn't have enough money to get the wolf boys some trainers. Quileute wolf-boy abs = gross.

- Jasper's hair needs help, STAT! (Why can nobody see this?!)

- While I'm on the subject of Jasper, can Jackson Rathbone not move his upper lip, or is it glued to his top teeth? I was just wondering.

- The whole "I'm Switzerland" line was just randomly thrown in there. Kinda cheesy.

- Grateful that the human, high-schooler interactions were very limited and few.

- This Victoria was much more the villain I had envisioned in the books. Ms. Howard gets an A+ in my mind.

- I can't wait for Breaking Dawn!!

What are your thoughts?

2 Happy Thoughts:

Little Red said...

I love watching movies alone! They are one of my favorite things!

Cyd said...

I completely AGREE!!! Loved this movie more then any of them... Its my favorite book so it had to be good. But really Jaspers hair gets worse and worse with each movie. I didn't mind it in Twilight but its just horrible now... and yes the Switzerland line made me feel awkward inside because it was bad.... I too loved Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria. She has some good angry faces.